Integra Engineering Group

INTEGRA has wide experience in carrying out installation works, industrial and infrastructure construction projects. It’s success coming from using the innovative technologies and high quality equipment of leading world manufacturers.

INTEGRA provides a range of engineering services related to the design, construction and commissioning of facilities, with the ultimate aim of obtaining the best results from investments by the selection the most efficient and optimal use of materials, labor, technology and financial resources.

Our architectural design is the optimal balance of art and technology, form and function, esthetic perception of object and its purpose of usage.

Our approach in engineering solution of the buildings is the desire to create the most stable system of economically environmentally sustainable and efficient in operation.

We provide the design and construction consultancy, project management and value engineering services. Our experience allows the client to achieve the significant benefits resulting our consultancy: in time-saving and budget optimization and to ensure the quality.

Our mission

Provide innovative engineering services of internationally recognized standards. Develop reliable relationships with our partners. Openness for all new, progressive and innovative.

Our goal

We are focused on intensive development. Our goal is to maintain constant efforts to improve and optimize our services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our corporate values

  • Responsibility
  • Innovativeness
  • Open-mindedness
  • Creative team spirit

Our Advantages

  • International Specialists

    We build based on international standards and the local regulations through the experiences of both our foreign and local engineers and experts
  • Innovation

    Every engineering-related detail in completed and ongoing projects is constantly questioned and re- examined and innovative engineering solutions are being continually researched and developed for better and more efficient results.
  • Speed

    Enhancing existing technologies in search of developing more and more rapid means of mobilization and project-completed methods is what we do continuously.

Our solution partners

Our clients